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martes, 10 de abril de 2018

Guadix (Granada) por Luis Miguel Villar Angulo

Guadix (Granada)

Guión del video:

Catedral, Alcazaba, vistas de Guadix, Iglesia de Santiago y convento de Clarisas, cuevas, Centro de Interpretación Cuevas de Guadix, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Barrio de las Cuevas, Padre Poveda, Iglesia de San Miguel, Cascamorras, Teatro romano.

lunes, 9 de abril de 2018

eportafolios en varias revistas internacionales

eportafolios en varias revistas internacionales

Turky, Mohamed Abdullah – Online Submission, 2017
This study aims to investigate the relationship between reflective E-portfolio and metacognition skills from where it is possible to contribute to the exercise levels of reflective thinking through the E-portfolio ultimately leads to the development of metacognition skills. The study was applied on 29 Instructional Technology students at Tanta…
Descriptors: Metacognition, Electronic Publishing, Portfolios (Background Materials), Reflection
Peer reviewed

Torres, Judit Taberna; García-Planas, María Isabel; Domínguez-García, Santiago – Journal of Technology and Science Education, 2016
The use of e-portfolio becomes a standard tool when it comes to learning and student's assessment. This is due to the teachers need for enhancing their students' autonomy. The use of e-portfolio helps students to focus on their own learning process. Lectures should not be limited only to classes, but must foster active learning, and in this…
Descriptors: Electronic Publishing, Portfolios (Background Materials), Portfolio Assessment, Algebra
Peer reviewed

Cherrstrom, Catherine A.; Raisor, Cindy; Fowler, Debra – Chemical Engineering Education, 2015
Engineering educators and employers value and prioritize communication skills, but developing and assessing such skills in engineering programs is challenging. Reflective ePortfolios provide opportunities to enhance communication skills. The purpose of this three-­year qualitative case study was to investigate the use of reflective ePortfolios in…
Descriptors: Chemical Engineering, Engineering Education, Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing
Peer reviewed

Angel, Christine M.; Robinson, Gina – Journal of Library & Information Services In Distance Learning, 2017
As a result of suggestions from the American Library Association (ALA) the Division of Library and Information Science (DLIS) program at St. John's University implemented an end-of-program electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) requirement. The purpose of this ePortfolio is to provide information on student proficiency in the eight ALA core…
Descriptors: Electronic Publishing, Portfolio Assessment, Academic Achievement, Library Education
Peer reviewed

Balaban, Igor; Mu, Enrique; Divjak, Blazenka – Computers & Education, 2013
This research has two main goals: to develop an instrument for assessing Electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio) success and to build a corresponding ePortfolio success model using DeLone and McLean's information systems success model as the theoretical framework. For this purpose, we developed an ePortfolio success measurement instrument and structural…
Descriptors: Information Technology, Portfolios (Background Materials), Information Systems, Systems Approach
Peer reviewed

Rowley, Jennifer; Bennett, Dawn – International Journal of Education & the Arts, 2016
This paper reports the findings of a project that investigated uses of electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) in the creative and performing arts at four Australian universities and raises four significant areas for discussion: engaging technologies as an ongoing requirement of planning, delivery and evaluation of teaching and learning in higher…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing, Art Education
Peer reviewed

Rawlings, Jared – Contributions to Music Education, 2016
This systematic review of literature presents empirical research published between 2003-2013 examining the use of E-portfolios within music teacher education programs located in the United States. International E-portfolio research in music teacher education offers a backdrop and a thematic influence throughout this review. The central research…
Descriptors: Music Education, Music Teachers, Portfolios (Background Materials), Teacher Education Programs
Peer reviewed

Morales, Lucía; Soler-Domínguez, Amparo; Tarkovska, Valentina – Education and Information Technologies, 2016
Students' work in ePortfolios was assessed through a case study supported by observation techniques and eQuestionnaires to gather data from a sample of eighty students over a period of 4 years (20 students per academic year). The main purpose of the study was to explore whether ePortfolios can be used efficiently to support the learning process of…
Descriptors: Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing, Business Administration Education, Case Studies
Peer reviewed

Lewis, Lyn – E-Learning and Digital Media, 2017
The ePortfolio has been used in initial teacher education for its storage and presentation functions; however, its use as a pedagogic tool to enhance learning outcomes is less common. This study explored students' perceptions of ePortfolio and their learning in a Bachelor of Education (primary) programme at a New Zealand university. The research…
Descriptors: Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing, Fundamental Concepts, Instructional Design
Peer reviewed

Sharifi, Maryam; Soleimani, Hassan; Jafarigohar, Manoochehr – British Journal of Educational Technology, 2017
Current trends in the field of educational technology indicate a shift in pedagogical assumptions and theoretical frameworks that favor active involvement of self-directed learners in a constructivist environment. This study probes the influence of electronic portfolio evaluation on vocabulary learning of Iranian university students and the…
Descriptors: Portfolio Assessment, Electronic Publishing, Vocabulary Development, Andragogy
Peer reviewed

Carl, Arend; Strydom, Sonja – South African Journal of Education, 2017
This paper focuses on an e-portfolio pilot initiative at the Faculty of Education at a South African university and aims to determine whether the theoretical underpinning and expectations of an e-portfolio aligns with the current practices and attributes of students' training during school practicum as teachers at a South African university. In…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Student Teachers, Practicums, Electronic Publishing
Peer reviewed

Coffey, Urszula; Ashford-Rowe, Kevin – Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 2014
The potential of ePortfolios for both students and staff has generated considerable interest and investment by universities over the past ten years or so within Australia. Despite funded projects, ePortfolio specific conferences and a range of commercial and open software, there is not wide spread uptake of ePortfolios, although many universities…
Descriptors: Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing, Foreign Countries, Universities
Peer reviewed

Watty, Kim; McKay, Jade – International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 2015
While research surrounding ePortfolios abounds, few studies make explicit the pedagogical underpinnings of their use. Some suggest that the decision to use new technologies, like ePortfolios, is often made in ignorance of pedagogic evidence. Developed over the course of a two-year national study on the implementation of ePortfolios, this paper…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing, Learning
Peer reviewed

Peer reviewed

Karlin, Michael; Ozogul, Gamze; Miles, Stacy; Heide, Saul – TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, 2016
Portfolios used in K-12 classrooms give students the opportunity to collect, showcase, and reflect upon the work they have completed throughout a class or program. With the advent of the digital age, e-portfolios have allowed for this process to be conducted online through the use of Web 2.0 tools, offering a number of advantages and features that…
Descriptors: Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing, Elementary Secondary Education, Web 2.0 Technologies
Peer reviewed

Bennet, Dawn; Robertson, Rachel – Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 2015
Graduates from generalist science and arts degrees can face diverse careers characterised by portfolios of simultaneous, self-managed roles. This paper reports from a study on identity and career literacy in which final-year professional writing and publishing students developed an ePortfolio and engaged in open blogging during their industry…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Career Education, Career Readiness, Knowledge Level
Peer reviewed

Alan, Selahattin; Sünbül, Ali Murat – International Journal of Research in Education and Science, 2015
In this study, a literature review was conducted about an individual's selected efforts, products stored in electronic format, and electronic portfolios that reflect the development and capacity of multimedia systems. In this context, relevant experimental studies performed in Turkey are collected to show e-portfolio application forms, their…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Literature Reviews, Portfolios (Background Materials), Electronic Publishing
Peer reviewed

Chang, Chi-Cheng; Liang, Chaoyun; Shu, Kuen-Ming; Tseng, Kuo-Hung; Lin, Chun-Yu – Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 2016
The study aims to examine whether reflective writing using e-portfolios enhances high school students' self-regulated learning. Participants included two classes of eighth-graders majoring in Information Processing and taking a course called "Website Design" at a vocational high school in Taiwan. There were 41 students, with 18 males and…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, High School Students
Peer reviewed

Holt, Dale; McGuigan, Nicholas; Kavanagh, Marie; Leitch, Shona; Ngo, Leanne; Salzman, Scott; Watty, Kim; McKay, Jade – Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 2016
This paper represents a major stage of data collection and reporting on an Australian Office for Learning and Teaching Innovation and Development grant investigating the adoption of ePortfolios for developing and assessing professional capabilities in Australian undergraduate business education. Assessing desired capabilities with and through…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Business Administration Education, Foreign Countries, Instructional Innovation